Green Compass Recycling has been set up to introduce the principles of the circular economy to Africa’s e-waste problem.

They set up dedicated collection networks, registers and supports informal value chain participants and develops sophisticated processing facilities


E-Waste disposal in MEA is in a difficult state, more than 4.7 million tonnes of e-waste are generated in MEA per annum; growing by 6% p.a.

Less than 3% of regional e-waste is formally collected and treated, with the remainder being, disassembled by crude and hazardous
means, burnt to reach valuable metals, and illegally dumped.
Only few professional e-waste recycling facilities exist across the region.

However, this presents rewarding opportunities e-waste contains significant amounts of valuable base metals and precious metals –
e-waste in MEA alone is estimated to contain~50MT of gold.

For a large range of e-waste items, the recycling is profitable without any further subsidy and support. Governments across Africa and the Middle East have started strengthening their support for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes, which make producers/ importers liable for carrying costs of recycling.