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Green Compass Recycling
Join our group of young and entrepreneurial people, with a mission to build great businesses, customized for the Middle East and Africa, following our principles and values of sustainability and integrity.
Sunray Ventures is an African venture builder, addressing Africa’s core opportunities and challenges, by building and growing high-impact companies that are leaders in their respective fields. Sunray Ventures currently works in three different verticals: Renewable Energy (Daystar Power), Circular Economy (Green Compass Recycling), Brands and Distribution (Bisedge Brands & Distribution), and Oil & Gas (Nordic Degrees).
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E-waste is currently one of the fastest growing waste streams globally, with growth rates of about 5% per annum. In 2016, the world generated over 44 million metric tonnes of e-waste, while only 20% was recycled through appropriate channels.

It is increasingly difficult to ignore increasing e-waste challenges, especially in emerging economies and developing countries. Additionally, e-waste is rich in valuable raw materials, like gold, copper, aluminum.

Against this background, Green Compass Recycling was set up to introduce the principles of the circular economy to Africa. We are one of the pioneers in the development of the formal e-waste recycling industry in Nigeria.

Green Compass Recycling has been set up to introduce the principles of the circular economy to Africa’s e-waste problem.

They set up dedicated collection networks, registers and supports informal value chain participants and develops sophisticated processing facilities