Portfolio Companies
Promoting Circular Economy in the Middle East and Africa
Daystar Power Group
Sub-Saharan Africa is in the middle of a power crisis, with large portions of the population not having access to electricity. Businesses and consumers who do have access to the grid often have to deal with daily power outages which can last up to several days. Daystar Power provides captive solar power solutions to corporates in the financial services, manufacturing and other industries, reducing the reliance on the overburdened grid and on diesel generators. A small...
Green Compass Recycling
E-waste is currently one of the fastest growing waste streams globally, with growth rates of about 5% per annum. In 2016, the world generated over 44 million metric tonnes of e-waste, while only 20% was recycled through appropriate channels. It is increasingly difficult to ignore increasing e-waste challenges, especially in emerging economies and developing countries. Additionally, e-waste is rich in valuable raw materials, like gold, copper, aluminum. Against this background,...
Bisedge handles all import logistics and ensures the timely clearing of goods. Bisedge plans and executes marketing campaigns for the brands in its portfolio to improve the brand image and enhance sales by delivering goods to customers in both urban and rural areas, ensuring a reliable and consistent supply of the goods in its portfolio. Bisedge sells consumer goods to both formal trade outlets, such as large supermarkets, as well as to the informal trade channel, which is prevalent...