Bisedge handles all import logistics and ensures the timely clearing of goods. Bisedge plans and executes marketing campaigns for the brands in its portfolio to improve the brand image and enhance sales by delivering goods to customers in both urban and rural areas, ensuring a reliable and consistent supply of the goods in its portfolio.

Bisedge sells consumer goods to both formal trade outlets, such as large supermarkets, as well as to the informal trade channel, which is prevalent across Africa.

Bisedge is the exclusive importer and distributor of Toshiba consumer batteries in Nigeria

Toshiba batteries provide consumers with a high quality premium product at an affordable price. Bisedge currently distributes three different Toshiba products in Nigeria.

The Toshiba Heavy Duty R03

The Toshiba Heavy Duty R03 (AAA) battery is frequently used for remote controls, children’s toys and other small devices that require long endurance.

The Toshiba Heavy Duty R6

The Toshiba Heavy Duty R6 (AA) battery is used for radios, small torches, toys and wide range of other devices.

The Toshiba Heavy Duty R20

The Toshiba Heavy Duty R20 (D) battery is widely used for torches, large radios and other larger equipment.