Portfolio Companies
High Impact Companies in Africa
Daystar Power Group
Sub-Saharan Africa is in the middle of a power crisis, with large portions of the population not having access to electricity. Businesses and consumers who do have access to the grid often have to deal with daily power outages which can last up to several days. The unreliability and high cost of power are a significant burden for West African businesses and impede their competitiveness in global markets. As a reaction to West Africa's power gap, Sunray Ventures founded Daystar...
Nordic Degrees
Nordic Degrees is a Nigerian company providing integrated solutions to Nigeria's industry. Nordic Degrees offers a diverse portfolio of innovative products and services, which allow Nigerian industrial companies to reduce the cost of production, while improving safety and reliability. Nordic Degrees partners with globally leading companies to deliver its innovative solutions to Nigeria's industry. Oglaend System, now part of Hilti, was founded in 1977 in Sandnes, Norway...
Bisedge provides product-as-a-service solutions to Nigerian commercial and industrial customers, thereby driving optimization of cost of ownership and reduction of wastages. In Nigeria, Bisedge partners with Linde Material Handling, as well as with Toshiba. Bisedge has been appointed as Linde's partner for the importation and servicing of all Linde equipment in Nigeria. Already today, Linde forklifts are operated across Nigeria by the majority of the Nigerian consumer goods and...