Nordic Degrees

Nordic Degrees is a Nigerian company providing integrated solutions to Nigeria’s industry. Nordic Degrees offers a diverse portfolio of innovative products and services, which allow Nigerian industrial companies to reduce the cost of production, while improving safety and reliability.

Nordic Degrees partners with globally leading companies to deliver its innovative solutions to Nigeria’s industry.

Oglaend System, now part of Hilti, was founded in 1977 in Sandnes, Norway and is a leading manufacturer of multidiscipline support systems, cable trays and cable ladders, serving customers within oil & gas, infrastructure, shipbuilding, wind energy, water treatment, marine farming and many other industries. Nordic Degrees is the sole representative of Oglaend Systems in Nigeria.

Cold Pad provides innovative, permanent repair and fastening solutions for hull & deck through cold work techniques, with two main solutions, ColdShield ™ and C-Claw™ specially designed for offshore environments like FPSOs. Nordic Degrees partners with ColdPad to provide this innovative cold work technology to the Nigerian oil and gas industry.

In order to offer a cost-effective way to reduce environmental impact on operations involving rotating equipment, One Eye Industry developed a patented magnetic filtration system where each filter is optimized to exceed fluid cleanliness standards (filters up to 4 microns) and last up to 18 years.

Fluid Energy Group (FEG) manufactures technically advanced chemical systems as alternatives to the commonly used corrosive acids. These innovative systems have proven to be environmentally responsible and low hazard while performance is comparable to acids such as HCL. Nordic Degrees partners with Fluid Energy Group in Nigeria to replace environmentally harmful and corrosive acids with their portfolio of innovative alternative solutions.